Michigan a Free and Independent state
July 4th 1776, c.1795-r.2010

Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law;
but in our system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government,
sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom
all government exists and acts.
Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886)
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The thought processes of today’s education leads to a brain in chains.


Limiting facts to create thoughts that sponsor emotions that control the mind and body.

BECAUSE EACH person has done a large amount of emotional thinking, each person has many closed mental circuits inviting trouble of various kinds including post-truths. When the trouble arises, he faces the problem of dealing with it. Basically there is only one way to put a stop to recurring trouble.

He must reopen the closed mental circuits that send his thinking compulsively through the illogical, wrong patterns set up when the individual first did the emotional thinking inviting the trouble.

Anybody can reopen his closed mental switches, but he has to know how.

Of course, he cannot reach into his brain with his hand and physically open or close mental switches so that the re­sults of his past emotional thinking are eliminated, but he can throw the necessary switches in a physical sense just by using a thinking process.

Nobody can think consciously without throwing mental switches. He forms and unforms them all the time. His dif­ficulty in relation to his past emotional thinking is that he doesn’t throw the proper switches because he doesn’t know he should. And also because even if he did know he should, the process of doing it, at first, goes against his inclinations.

The reason is that the individual has strong urges to grat­ify his unconscious thinking. He does not have an impulse to change it. Until he gets that impulse, he is helpless.

Because the person who has problems has not known about his distortions of logic, he tends to blame his problems on factors other than their true cause. Instead of changing his own thinking, he usually tries to change the people and conditions around him. Often that may seem to succeed, al­though actually it never does.

He cannot face the appropriate reality or truth until he has first destroyed the distortions of logic that conceal it, because reality and truth are superseded by his command phrases.

That is the nature of a person’s mental trap.

All that is necessary is to give those words brief conscious attention without emotion of the sort that accompanied the original illogical thinking.

If he gives attention to his command phrases with that sort of emotion, he simply perpetuates the distortion.

What a person needs is a willingness to give up the con­cept expressed in the words of the command phrase. Free­dom from emotion enables him to accomplish that, and he can achieve freedom from emotion in various ways.

Any brain infested with such sentences in relation to oth­er persons is a brain in chains.

Those judgments impair a person’s effective intelligence and make him compulsively antisocial toward anybody he dislikes.

The person who understands about distortions of logic knows why, but he cannot easily tell someone who does not.

People who do understand are able to provide enormous help to one another as they work their way out of hidden mental traps. But at the outset, a person may have to work alone.

Sincerely, Paul



Current Situation

During the first hundred years from its formation the united States of America became the most powerful and prosperous country in the world. It came to be recognized as being the bastion of freedom, the home of liberty, and the land of opportunity. Immigrants from all parts of the globe immigrated to the U.S.A. in order to realize the American Dream.

Its core was the understanding that all people are entitled to the fruits of their labor and that the government has no authority to confiscate the property (earnings) of its people without their consent.

The reason for its immediate growth is the fact that it was built on Biblical principles. Its growth and success was based on faith and belief that the Almighty Creator, and not a government, is our Provider. Its foundation was the implementation of sound money to be used with honest weights and measures in a Free Market economic system.

Unfortunately, in its second hundred years, certain powerful forces gained control of the government and took measures to extend that control to the monetary system and all other aspects of our lives, and promoted the false concept that people should expect their government to take care of them, thereby making the people subservient to the government. Efforts were put forth to usurp power and authority from the people and the states and give it to the Federal government. So too, confiscatory taxes were enacted that served to slow down and stifle the economy and cause an increasingly greater number of its people to become dependent upon it. The land of opportunity was slowly but steadily transformed into the land of entitlements.

We have now come to the point as a nation whereby the private sector is no longer capable of supporting the public sector. Government debt has grown astronomically to levels which render it incapable of ever satisfying them. Yet to placate its creditor masters, the government is striving to increase taxes even more even though that measure will further discourage economic growth and exacerbate our national debt crisis.

Simultaneously, in order to control the potentially hostile masses and under the banner of national security rights, liberties have been denied through egregious legislation by a legislative body that had no authority. Then worse of all, the government is getting increasingly hostile to its people. Americans have come to realize that their elected officials no longer care what they have to say or the officials are not moved by our complaints.


Background to Current Situation

Congress enacted the Act of 1871, which President Ulysses S. Grant signed into law. This Act created the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (all capital letters) with which to govern Washington DC. This new corporate entity then enticed the states to likewise incorporate. Michigan, a Free and Independent state, as an example, became the corporate State of Michigan. Next, they took steps to turn the sovereign people of the states into citizens of this imposter government. Having done so, our nation ceased to be a Biblical Constitutional Republic. Since then, elected officials have been serving their international employers rather than the people who elected them.

We the People, however, are of the understanding and belief that we live in and are being governed by the united States Republic. This is demonstrated by the Pledge of Allegiance that is regularly recited as follows:

"We pledge allegiance to the flag of the united States of America and to the Republic for which it stands . . .” [Emphasis added]

We do not pledge allegiance to the “corporation for which it stands”, but rather to the Republic. The fact of the matter is that we did not expatriate ourselves from the Republic in order to join the corporate, de facto government. Rather, the government has been using unlawful tactics to draw “We The People” under their control.

The tactics are centered on the use of Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates, Drivers Licenses, Bank Accounts, and Social Security as a result of the 14thAmendment. All contain adhesion contracts. Having acquired any or all of these adhesions we unknowingly give the government authority over us. For example, marriage licenses make the government a third party to marriages and give it ownership of the children produced by the unions. They also make users liable for the Income Tax that otherwise would pertain to only the people of Washington DC. Then, furthermore, they give the states the right to demand licenses to travel and operate businesses. All of these things have served to systematically deprive We the people of our natural rights and subject us to power- mongering governmental authorities.

Again, “We The People” did not leave nor did we ever attempt to leave or expatriate ourselves from the Constitutional Republic. To our surprise and dismay we find that it was hijacked from us by elected officials who converted it to a corporation owned by foreigners. Now that we are aware of the truth, it is our right and our duty to restore our land to its lawful status. To do this we do not have to resort to revolution, riot, or military coup. Instead, the strategy is to accomplish the objective by relying exclusively on the truth and the pen.


Assuming Power

Again, America was restored not by revolution, riot, or military coup, but rather by conveying the truth to the people via word of mouth and the pen. We are not enemies of the corporate government and we are taking no actions to bring it down. In fact, we understand the difficulties it faces and pray for the Lord to bless all who hold office. However, like everyone else, we see that the corporate government is all but officially bankrupt and insolvent. As such, it is losing influence throughout the world as well as the confidence of its citizens. With the other countries no longer wanting to acquire more of its debt, the corporate government is increasingly becoming incapable of meeting its financial obligations. When that happens, the dollar will rapidly drop in value and we are seeing this with China, Russia and other countries dropping the dollar. With our government prepared and in place, we will be there to assist in the transition, not only will chaos throughout the country will be averted, and a period of renewed prosperity will begin almost instantly.

The only thing that can stop “We The People” from fully re-inhabiting our constitutional republic is the lack of courage and conviction to take back what is rightfully ours. Are you ready to stand for yourself and your family?